Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Am Trying To Post A Recipe...

I am trying to post my Mom`s infamous recipe for Peanut Butter Balls. The issue here, is that Google or my computer or `someone`` thinks that I am typing in another language.

So... sometimes things are printed that shouldn`t be so.

OK. I`ll do it anyway. At least I have a good excuse for typos... It`s in Lithuanian!!! Haha. Ha. Ha. :(

Mom`s Infamous Peanut Butter Balls

1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Icing Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla
3é4 Cup finely chopped Peanuts

Combine. Shape into balls, store in fridge overnight.

Coat with chocolate!

I use either belgian choc, or semi-sweet... note peanut butter is a little sweet already, and you add SUGAR to it, so don`t worry if your coc isn`t sweet.

I meant``Three Quarters of a Cup`` where it said something weird.



Friday, December 18, 2009

The Craft Rat

As some of you are well aware, I sell things like felt wool scarves and my smaller paintings and prints of paintings on an Etsy page (http://HendersonArt.etsy.com/, in case you didn't hear about it yet...)

As of yesterday evening, I now have a second storefront on Etsy... this one's purpose is to showcase more punk styled things. I'm starting with the first item, a men's scarf that incorporates trash in it! Seriously, go check it out. http://TheCraftRat.etsy.com/

A huge thanks goes out to my punk friend Greg, who also has an Etsy shop (it's empty at the moment, but I'll link to it from TheCraftRat as soon as it's not!)

Cheers and happy holidays to you all.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Jog Or Not To Jog... That Is The Question

I have the sniffles. Should I jog? It's a sunny day. Heaven knows that soon enough I'll be looking out onto overlapping blizzards.

I'll jog. I hear that gentle exercise improves the immune system...

Yesterday I spent the day (well, about 8:30 to 2:30) out in St. Lambert, for a professional development day with ArtsSmarts. I'll be guiding an entire elementary school through making a big wall-hanging of some sort. As with ArtsSmarts projects, a lot of the goal is collaboration and process and spontaneity and hand-on problem-solving. So although I have some lesson-plans worked out, the whole project is really by, for, and about the students themselves. I am really, really excited about this!!! I'll teach 106 students how to make felt.

Speaking of felt, tomorrow I will have 20 scarves at a table in Ottawa, for a cool craft fair my friend is in. She offered to take some scarves in an amazing fit of generosity! In the meantime, I am churning out the things in an attempt to re-build my stock. Considering I now am fully self-employed (or freelance, depending on what term you like) it is important to just keep on chugging. And on that note, time to hit the road... jogging!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Drivers Who Must Be Allergic To Their Brake-Pedals

I went for a walk today, to try and buy some wool. The wool-shop was closed, but it was a gorgeous day for a walk. I ended up buying some delicious food from the store, of which I have eaten a healthy amount.

In the process of reaching the closed wool-shop, I was almost schmunched by a car.

It was a silver car, quite nice, and the driver was turning a corner in full view of moi. I was crossing the street on a green light in the cross-walk. The car swerved a little, like to try and "sneak by" me, but then realised it wouldn't work so they ACTUALLY tapped their brakes. I still had to run a little in order to not be clipped.

This event gave me the excuse to, once again, in my country-girl, trucker-swearing, backwaters-chick manner, to shoot the driver "the bird". It felt good, for a minute, then I was angry. I walked off the steam, up to the closed wool-shop and back home (via the market for previously-mentioned delicious-foodstuffs).

Now, I came to a job-search conclusion. Is it possible to be an undercover vigilante who hands out citizen's arrests AND is it possible to get paid for this? That would be an easy job.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Observations Made During A Walk, Also Galleries That Were Closed.

Due to horrific renovation-noise this morning, after I finished making a felt-wool scarf (this time with Jingle Bells!) I adjusted my list of things to do today, and went for a walk to check out some galleries.

The galleries I had specifically on my list were Galerie Push and Centrale Powerhouse. Both of them were closed. Up the street, I popped in to see the Simon Blais Gallery... closed. So I went for a bit of a meander to see the galleries at Centre Clark... closed! On my way home I went by a gallery that I'm curious about, seems to have work rotating through it, but is never open... closed. That one was no surprise.

Looked like everyone was in the process of changing exhibits. I suppose that means I should keep my eyes open to lists of vernisages this week and weekend!

I did have a fantastic walk, and it worked out my renovation-inspired frustrations (I no longer feel homicidal!). I observed a lot of gorgeous architecture, decoration, foliage, and other things that are pretty in this town right now. One thing in particular that I didn't really take note of before, is that the squirrels in Parc Lafontaine are really, really fat at the moment. Storing it up for the impending winter. SO CUTE! Little chunkers bouncing around the park.

Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY Blogger, like me!

SOmething I just saw... On this blog-site, there is a give-away for a lovely necklace...


Also, there is, what looks like to be, a really yummy burger recipe! I am now following this blog, and look forward to more recipes and images of jewelry!!!

OK, back to my coffee and getting into some painting. Happy weekend to all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Observations Made During Walk Wednesday pm.

I just got in from a walk. During this walk I made a few observations (when I say observations, this time, I mean mostly just random visual ones, not big, esoteric, important or meaningful ones.)

Two blocks over and one block up from my place I saw a tow-truck backing up to collect a car from a driveway. There were about five or six scruffy-looking teens hanging around, and while walking past them I almost stepped on a squashed squirrel. No-one blinked. There were two dogs keening to get out of their enclosure in a porch, and one of them eyed me like he thought I'd be tasty.

At the same time, I saw huge plumes of black, black smoke coming from someplace within a few blocks. For once, I decided to allow my curiosity to guide me, and went towards it. In the space of a few minutes, however, the smoke had cleared up. Towards the end of this smokey show I was sprinkled by some black ash. Fortunately it wasn't livid.

I meandered into Parc Lafontaine, where I saw happier, not-so-squashed squirrels being fed by generous (if illegally behaving) humans. The pigeons and seagulls seemed well-fed and happy, too. It's funny that the park isn't completely overrun by animals, however I guess they have their little areas staked out, who gets to live where, let's fight over it, no I don't want to, ok I'll live in that tree next to the dog-house where uncle Nibbles got squashed last year... etc.

Final observation: the trees right now are really pretty.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winter Daze felt wool scarf with sequins by HendersonArt on Etsy

Winter Daze felt wool scarf with sequins by HendersonArt on Etsy

This is my latest felt wool scarf. This time I included blue and silver sequins, that pop out a little here and tere. Not flashy, but a dash of the unexpected! I will make a green scarf today.

I am also going to finish off a pile of smaller paintings very, very soon! Yippee!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teaching and Elephants

Those of you who follow my little updates from time to time know what I mean when I say "Elephants".

I refer, of course, to my upstairs neighbour, who is in the staggeringly lengthy process of renovating his condominium. I pluralise "Elephants" because his workers like to CLUMP HEAVILY around on the stairs (which, in my funky pad, form part of the ceiling/wall) and now bare floor (which is, of course, my ceiling). There are at least three, possibly four Elephants.

That is bad enough. Honestly, the drilling and jack-hammering of marble tile, I don't mind. I just wish they could manage to tread a little, itty-bit lighter. Consideration! Love thy neighbour...

If you've made it through my little rant, then here is a happy reward. I have good news! Happy news. I taught a day-long workshop: "Painting From Poetry", to a group of thirteen-year-olds. It went well! I am going to sign up officially in the Quebec Registry of artists who teach.

Also, it looks like I will most likely be working with an entire school to make a large wall-hanging. This will be from November to March, and will employ me for one day a week. I like to have a job description that is "Artist". Bingo! Perfect! Happy!

As for The Elephants... the renovations must end at some point. Honestly, I am considering moving out of here next year, if nothing collapses or explodes first.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OOOOOOh Exciting. Sort of.

I'm sitting in my little loft-home, waiting for my pal Gaby to show up. We are going to try peddling our wares to some local crafty-type places, and swanky posh shops and etc today. She makes GORGEOUS jewelry, and I make my lovely scarves. So. That's about it, I expect the bell to ring any second now...

Later I'll report on how it all goes.

Soon I'll go around, on my own, to the art galleries with some photos of my work, maybe even drag a small painting around. Yep, I'll report on that when it's all done as well.

Here's to Happy Sales!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Helpful Folks

Over the last (desole... les derniers) deux jours, j'ai parle avec vers trois gens qui sont aident-moi. OK, I know that is possibly about as bad as garbled, "I don't know what I'm doing" French gets... howEVER it is pretty much how I would speak it.

Over the last two days, I have been so fortunate to speak with about three people who have helped me, helped me in a "service" way, but really helped me in an "I'll speak French to you slowly instead of just switching to English" way. It was fantastique.

The first was a health-care professional, who took my payment for something, asked me to sit 'til I was called, and even sort of joked with me, all en Francais. The other was a young woman who cut some canvas for me today at the Art-Supply Store. She dipped into English now and again, but always went back to French. Had a laugh or two with me. Then, the cashier at that store spoke with me in French, and had a smile and applauded when I made complete sentences. So, it was fun. I was able to both communicate and joke around.

That's the thing, to re-find one's identity, to re-craft how one communicates with people in the public sphere... it is a challenge, and can be frustrating. It's also tough (for me) when I can't pop out a joke that loosens tensions and whatnot. However... it will come. The helpful people out there, they truly make a difference.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brand-New Scarves

I have made, and put up "online for sale" two new scarves... you can find them on my website http://natashahenderson.com/, my Etsy store http://HendersonArt.etsy.com/, my Deviant Art page http://HendersonArt.deviantart.com/, my Facebook page that I think is "Natasha Henderson", my Myspace page, oh so many places. Anyhow, here they are...

One is called "Grape Mixer" and one is called "Toffee Twist". Maybe I'm hungry? Haha.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sale on Some Of My Scarves... 'til August!

Hey folks, this is just a quick note to let you know that I have chosen a few of my "felt wool scarves" that I make to be sale-priced until August. Then, if any of these little inexpensive pieces of neck-warming love are left behind, they go back to their regular price.

One of the reasons that I'm doing this is because I will soon be approaching shops to sell my scarves in, and I am thinking it would be easiest if I just kept everything at the same price.

So, the less-costly pieces... I've made them even more less costly! To be specific, regularly they are $35 USD, and are now on for $25 USD, plus applicable shipping.

SO! Hope this finds you all well and good and happy and thinking ahead to autumn...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life, Cleaning, and Travels

Howdy there.

I have been a busy person of late (well, of always)... I recently returned from a visit to some friends who have recently moved into a new city. I witnessed their incredible ability to unpack, find space for "stuff" and make the new place a home in a quick and efficient manner.

Seeing them at work, seeing them move things around and constantly cleaning as they did this, has inspired me. Yesterday I cleaned off my studio-floor (my studio-floor is basically my whole home's floor...) and swept. I adjusted the location of my easel and moved things around to be more compact. So far the results are very gratifying. I know that I need to get some "storage units" of some sort (I have one I like bookmarked on the Ikea website) and also really find an "away" for things. It's difficult to put things "away" when there isn't one.

I will soon scrub down my entire bathroom. I've only dealt with the details to this point (eg cleaning the toilet). I've decided to really do it, to clean every surface. I had held off before because I was worried that the grout or whatever all that in-between stuff is called would peel off or get wrecked. But if it does so, then I'll fix it. So simple!

I also have a haphazard collection of assorted crap stored in my two little storage areas. I'll purge all the garbage and actually store things in there with intention.

I think that's the big thing I've learned (yes I feel like Stan from South Park) I have learned to do things with intention, to make life easier. Get rid of objects and things that have no use and little meaning in my life, and move the remnants that matter into their rightful places.

This is all related, I am sure, to my upcoming travels in Europe next year. I really really want to do that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Painting, Sewing, Walking.

Over the past few days, I have rediscovered the joys of meandering (albeit quickly) throughout some of the fantastic neighbourhoods of Montreal.

I don't have a "job", I can work when I want to (though I should work MORE) and I find great joy in just going... going... seeing and observing what is around me. That's work, right? I am a visual artist. Also it is kind of my job to keep my body as healthy as I can. That's why I am jogging more often, now that I let my gym membership expire for the summer.

Yesterday and the day before, I broke out a huge pile of fabric that I had salvaged from the "trash" at my former work-place. These are new fabric swatches, and my my my don't they make for cool patchwork! I am sewing them together and will make skirts and perhaps things like bags out of them. If it works WELL then I'll try selling some of these creations. I'll keep you informed.

I have some Raw Umber paint on my palette right now, I painted some of it on about 12 little paintings earlier. Now I'm thinking to hit some of the larger works… the Poetry-Paintings. I am working on Ghazals and Shakespearian Sonnets. I have broken down the rules for these poetic formats, and am re-translating them into a visual language. Perhaps this linguistic approach to painting is inspired by my surroundings... I live in a mainly French part of the city, and I am trying to learn that new language. Perhaps it is this learning process that has made me seek something "about language" in my new work. I don't know. I have been leaning more abstractly over the past few years anyhow, and these paintings are certainly that.

Well I’ll just keep on walking, running, stretching my body and my mind to make things, observe, and be happy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barcelona... Cottage... Should Clean My Apartment.

Hi. I am thinking, seriously, about applying for Artist-In-Residence programmes. I really really really want the one that is through the Quebec Arts Council... to Barcelona, Spain!!! I'll apply for it next year. I'm looking at other options, too.

I am thinking about travelling in Europe in the next year or so, even if it's just as a tourist. I might hit Zurich with some pals who know someone there; I would go to France and the UK and hopefully Italy. Maybe Germany. I don't know, it all doesn't have to be "at once"... I could go back again in a few years!

Another thing that I am thinking about is this fantastic little cottage for sale up in my favourite part of town. It is worth about $100,000 more than the current place I own. I wonder if it would be worth looking into... perhaps for now I'll just continue plugging away in the current spot 'til I know what's happening a little more down the road. I wouldn't need to worry about neighbours with adjacent walls creating horrific noises during renovations. I would like that a GREAT deal. Plus I'd have a little yard!!! Anyone want to donate/lend free of interest $100,000? No? Ok. No worries.

Well anyhow, if I am considering leaving for three months to Barcelona next year, or travelling for a while, or even selling my place (or renting it out), I perhaps should focus a little on cleaning it more regularly, and fixing things up rather than wearing them down. Just a thought.

PS The above photo is of the veggies that were turned into a salad by moi last night.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What? Natasha Henderson Writes A Blog?

Hey-de-ho! I am writing a blog, still. Yes, here it is.

I had meant to write a big art-review about some exhibitions that I saw, I had meant to get out to another big exhibition and write a review about what would have been there.... but these things didn't happen. C'est la vie.

Anyhow, what I HAVE been doing is keeping busy with lots and lots of painting, cartooning, making assorted "crafty" things that add to my knowledge of how to put stuff together, hitting the gym almost daily, some embroidery-digitizing, going out in "social situations", walking and jogging and picnics in the park, watching free films from the library, etc etc.

My gym membership has now expired, so I will be doing more jogging than previously. I am also thinking of taking one introductory kick-boxing class. A friend of mine has kick-boxed for years, and I'd like to give it a shot. The gym is officially a little boring. Weights. Cardio machines. Nothing else. So... time to try a crazy sport.

Today I am going to head up into the park to try painting/drawing on-site. I normally don't do that, but it is a lovely day and I really want to paint and also hit the park. This shall bring together the best of both worlds. Hmmm. Perhaps I'll actually wander beyond the park, try it out in different places. Up the mountain? In the Old Port? Oh dear.

OK. I have dusted off my blogging-skills, and hopefully next time I write it will be clever and witty and fantastic. Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoa Dude

Whoa can be written "whoa" as I just typed in, or "woah". I think my first instinct is correct. I am not going to spell-check it. Ok, ok fine I am... right. My first instinct was right. Whoa! Isn't me. Whoa, I haven't written a blog entry for... a long long time. I have been very busy indeed... all the more reason to write things out, I suppose.

I am planning on going to two Gallery Openings (Vernisages) this week, and also think I'll pop into the Montreal Biennale. I had gone there two years ago (strangely enough) and made a huge report in my blog about it... http://blogs.myspace.com/henderson_painting Check out June 23, 2007. That's the main big ol' report. There are some cutely-written blogs around that time, too... I wasn't working and had only been in Montreal for ten days and thus was floating on a happy, natural high.

I have been continuing making the felt-wool scarves, often with beads. I like them. I am going to try peddling them around town, as well as online. I sell them on my Etsy page, in case you are curious. http://HendersonArt.etsy.com/

I have several new canvasses stretched, and I must polish off the "Ghazal" ones I've been working on for some time. I love them... there is nothing quite so fun as writing poetry with a paint-brush.

OK. That is it for now... I promise (or at least hope to) write more soon. I apologise to any of the folks who used to read this on a regular basis. I like it, I should make the time. Ok. Ta ta now.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am in the midst of writing a blog.

No, no I am not referring to this particular entry your eyes are roving over right now. Nope.

I am referring to a blog entry that I have NOTES for... one for which I would like to put something "decent" together. One in which I babble on and on and hopefully it is terribly interesting. And not interestingly terrible.

In the meantime, I'll stick a couple-er-three "scarf" piccies in this! These are all available for purchase (as of this writing, anyhow) and yes, I know wool scarves are a little out of season... however one day that won't be the case. And I'll have inventory! So here you are:

OK, these scarves are all available on my Etsy page: http://HendersonArt.etsy.com/

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OK. Here is the scarf I made and have for sale on "Etsy". HendersonArt (I also have prints and some paintings there, too...)

But anyhow... THE SCARF...I am quite proud, and am looking greatly forward to making more...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Used To Do This Alllll The Time...

I used to post cartoons on a daily basis, the last time I was "unemployed". For THIS bout of Unemployment, however, I am actually really busy with all types of work. Perhaps I took the time today to document a cartoon (oh, and MAKE one, too) because I am going to be in an exhibition in May... and I said I would have 20 cartoons of "Cluck 'N' Lurt In Montreal" for that. I am also working on three big paintings for that exhibition... and maybe the cartoons won't be shown. But I'll still make them!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Felt Scarves...

The other weekend, a pal taught me (and another pal) how to make felt fabric out of loose wool.

I know there's a term for it, like "roving" or something. Anyhow, loose wool has been washed, dyed, combed, and not spun into yarn yet.

I really enjoyed making this fabric. I have made three more "things" after that initial eve. The first of these is a thick greeny/orangey/blackish short piece of fabric. I had intended for it to be a scarf, but it shrank like crazy. I can use it as a "neck-warmer" or use it as simply fabric to make a little purse or something.

The second piece was a success... a long (perhaps a little too long) white/green/teal gauze-like scarf, with foam numbers encased in it. I think it looks pretty cool.

The third piece was also a success, I do believe. It is a somewhat thicker yet shorter (and still long!) scarf with beads embedded in it. The colours are black, raspberry, and pink. I like it. It's mine.

These are mine, indeed, but my hopes are to find time in my already busy days to make one scarf every day or so. Hopefully I'll increase my speed at it... so far they have taken about three to four hours each, and the process alternates from pain-staking, careful laying of individual fibres... to all-out physical exertion. I would like to sell these objects. That is why I need to:

a)make them different from other stuff out there on the market


b)make more of them more often.

I, of course, am still an artist and cartoonist and illustrator and embroidery-digitizer... but this is a fun and visually rewarding new branch to my work. Photos soon...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly Old Job With Cheese

My old workplace didn't deposit the last bit of my pay into my account on Friday, when I expected it.

We're talking not a huge amount, but enough to really help with this initial push into the lake of self-employment (hey why not take up "serious" writing... haha... I love those cheesey metaphors. Mmm cheese.)

Anyhow, I am going to call them today. If they claim they owe me nothing or find some stupid loop-holey excuse (holey cheese... Swiss...) to NOT pay up, I will perhaps unleash a little blue language (Blue... Cheese... ooohhh...) until they cheddar with horror at what might further occur. I meant, shudder.

Or, I'll just make sure that I will quietly do about $560 (about what they owe me) worth of damage to their reputation, and encourage all my friends and associates to not shop there, ever.

No, won't blog specifically about it because I really don't want to get sued, no no no. I'd be the suing one.

Brie it on! Brie. It. On.

Oh, P.S.: I will post in the comments the results of this silliness, and a list of the cheeses I enjoy at lunch-time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Week

It is the one-week anniversary of my being Gainfully Unemployed.

I went for a walk in the park today, balancing on top of snowy bits and splashing through some mud and water in the meltings-ville that is Montreal right now.

I had a nap earlier.

I sketched on some cartoons.

I documented a painting (will not post it here because it is going to be published somewhere... I'll post it after that).

I read some more of "Twilight". Yes, I know.

I saw my trainer at the gym, and she gave me a rigourous routine for the next six weeks.

At the moment I am trying out making Vietnamese-style soup, like you get in those awesome restaurants. I hope it lives up to those restaurant standards. But WOW it's a lot of soup! Yum.

Later on today (after consuming soup, I think) I will paint and work some more on cartoons.

This is a good life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Heeere...

My beloved new pet is home.

Tabley? Tableau? Tabby? Tipsy?

I have to think of a name for my new pet Drafting-Table. Fido? Fluffy?

The good thing about this pet is that I don't have to feed it anything other than paper and creativity. I will, however, need to work out a system to clean up after it. I don't think it will ever be trained... I can only imagine the piles of powdered pigments and graphite bits that will accumulate underneath it. Perhaps I'll need to be more diligent with my sweeping habits.

It took me over an hour to set this thing up... complete with the requisite injuries to my ego, shins, and fingers. Not bad injuries: a bruised shin from whacking a beam into it, sore and "used" and possibly pre-arthritic fingers from tightening and untightening all types of screws and bolts, and as for the ego...

I had THOUGHT I had the table-top installed the correct way, but then went to put some other little arms onto it and my God they wouldn't fit. So I unscrewed everything, and carefully balanced the table-top on my back and re-screwed it all together the opposite way.

(As an aside, I managed to get a foot-cramp while I was sweating and twisted underneath the table-top, balancing it on my back.)

Um, it was even MORE wrong than the first time. So I hung my head for a minute, then lifted it again, and inspected every little tiny drawing that was included in the instructions. Looked like I had it right the first time. Hee... hee. Hee. Right. OK. I turned it around yet again, and finally figured out that what had appeared to be a rigid arm actually had a very very tight hinge on it... so then it was only a matter of time and determination to finish this all off.

I ended up with one too few screws, two weird washers that don't seem to belong anywhere, and a wrench that I never used. I don't know why a drafting-table-kit should have such terrible instructional drawings. Irony! It still exists! That's somewhat comforting.

Well, I look forward to months and hopefully years (unless it does indeed fall apart so I need to find a better one) of drawing and creating cartoons and illustration on this li'l puppy. Names... what to name it... something will occur...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Should Be Digitizing Right Now

I am almost disturbingly excited about having purchased a drafting table today.

This is, like, a big thing for me. I have been cleaning clutter, furniture, and boxes of "things" out of my life, and trying to thoughtfully replace these things with either nothing, or something that will be helpful with my dreams.

My dreams? Here's a brief list:
-painting a lot of the time
-drawing cartoons a lot of the time
-illustrating things for other people who will ADORE the work I do for them
-writing art-reviews for publication
-making crafty-things, little decorative and creative objects that I can sell online (Etsy! Yay!)
-getting stuff exhibited and published and etc on a regular basis

a) -doing all of the above and making enough money through all of it to support a modest existence for myself.
b) -doing all of the above but making enough to also support a child and spouse. I don't have either of those but would like to.
c) -doing all of the above and making enough to support a child and spouse and a huge mansion or castle and also buy an island and have a really cool artist-commune on it.
d) -doing all of the above and making enough to support myself while my spouse and child earn a similar amount due to some yet undefined reasons, and we live like kings, and support all sorts of artist-communes, save the world, provide for millions of people, and oh yes we'd live for at least 200 years.

The drafting-table is an excellent step towards these dreams.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drafting Table and Planning

In the rejuvenation of my interest in cartooning "professionally" and the idea of illustrating things for people for the concept of payment...

I am seeking a drafting-table. I have a line on a very expensive one that will probably be the ultimate choice... but am going to scope out used ones too.

I have a place in my studio/home/big room that I live in for it. Right by the biiiig front windows. I can imagine spending hours there, with drawings, cartoons, small drawings and little paintings for clients. I think it will work.I have space, too, for my big sloppy, messy canvasses and other art-works. The place that I currently use for this computer, and drawing, and eating, and sewing, and other creative stuff... will be designated for the purpose of sewing and crafty-stuff and maybe eating too. I guess I'll get a little seat and a table for the eating, though, so it doesn't pollute the other things I do. I am so happy to think of supporting my life and contributing creative things to the world... full-time.

I know people might be looking to see how it goes, might be apprehensive about this jump I'm doing. I am being optimistic, and, as a co-worker at my day-job (that I am quitting) put it, "You are a very hard worker, I know you'll do fine".

I will do fine.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday, at my job, I gave my two-week notice.

As an artist who paints, cartoons, creates "things" and also has a freelance-digitizing service already, it is a big step. It is a huge commitment to the works that I create. My time will soon be more fully spent on doing things that I love.

I plan to focus this upcoming "free-time" to delving more into the marketing, creation, promotion, and etc etc of these things... and I will be (finally!) teaching myself the tricks and whatnot of the design/computer animation programmes that I own but still haven't used yet. I am calling myself an illustrator now.

Oh, and I'll enrol in some more French classes. And look into "voice-work" and theatrical things too.

I am reeling a little... it was difficult to tell the Boss my news yesterday. Many of you who have done this before must know what I mean. I was so scared, but I HAD to do it. It is never good to tell someone bad news. Not the "worst" news you can get... no... but still difficult to do.

You plan how it might go, you plan what to say, and it all flies out the window when you get there. But all in all I think it went fairly well. They might keep me on for a little part-time work, which will help with those bills.

Oh, the bills. I have been cutting back wherever I can... though today I went and bought a little bottle of celebratory scotch. So... that is my official excuse if this doesn't make sense or there are spelling mistakes.

That last bit was tongue-in-cheek.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Works In Progress...

This has been one of those days when I realise... "Oh! I have lots of paintings all over the place, and nothing's finished yet... I wonder if people think that I've stopped or something."

First up, I'll never ever stop. Secondly, why not post some little details and etc of various works in progress? Here they are:

Detail of "This Is Night". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in Progress...

Detail of "This Is Night". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in progress!!

Detail of "Walking In A New City". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in Progress... of course.

Yet another detail of "Walking In A New City". Etc.

So there you have it. Some of it, anyhow. Hopefully soon I'll have these all done and will be able to show them to you and anyone else who'd like to see them. Thanks for looking...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back In The Day (Techno-Whining Alert)

I just sent my second-ever "Help, I need some help, please" email to my Internet Provider.

I have purchased, and failed to properly install, some sort of wire-less router thingie for my laptop. All I want to do is use my laptop on my... um... I guess it's technically my dining-room table. Really it's my workspace, desk, and sewing-table that I and other people sometimes eat a meal on. Anyhow this is the second wireless-router-thingie I've purchased. Thank heavens this time I saved my receipt.

So, I emailed my IP, and I hope they'll get back to me in the next day or two with some answer for my poor little compu-paranoid soul. I use the term "compu-paranoid" with authority because I wrote a paper about it in college, about 12 years ago. Yes, I invented the term. And yes, I'm sure others have invented it too.

Oh, back when Commodore 64's were THE big thing, I was such a wiz-kid. I RULED the computer-lab in my grade six year. I helped everyone with all types of things. I programmed in BASIC. It was such fun. Whatever happened? I think part of my problem is that I dropped out of the burning, roaring and raving computer-scene in my early 'teens. I didn't have my own computer til one of my brothers gave me his old clunker a few years back. I didn't know how to turn on or off a contemporary personal-computer til my first job post-college.

Hmm. I had rebelled during high-school; I didn't want to take "Computer Science" because at that time all it really did was take the place of "Typing". I was avoiding sexual stereotypes in my schooling. I didn't take any Home-Economics courses, and even dabbled with the idea of taking Woodshop (though my fear of assorted grave injuries stopped me from taking that plunge).

Things are so much easier when all you do is make things like paintings and cartoons and knit or sewn things that are crafty and fun and creative. I just almost wish I had not rebelled against the status quo and taken the typing/computer courses. Almost.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Place For An Existing Blog

Hello. This is a new blog, but it is an old blog, too.

I have an existing blog, at my "Myspace" page. You can check out older things here: http://blog.myspace.com/henderson_painting

But... I will be posting new stuff here as well! So... I'm a triple threat! (I post the same blog in a third place... why not have some fun and waste some time and try to figure out where it is???)

OK, no one has time to waste. And on that note, 'til next time.