Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barcelona... Cottage... Should Clean My Apartment.

Hi. I am thinking, seriously, about applying for Artist-In-Residence programmes. I really really really want the one that is through the Quebec Arts Council... to Barcelona, Spain!!! I'll apply for it next year. I'm looking at other options, too.

I am thinking about travelling in Europe in the next year or so, even if it's just as a tourist. I might hit Zurich with some pals who know someone there; I would go to France and the UK and hopefully Italy. Maybe Germany. I don't know, it all doesn't have to be "at once"... I could go back again in a few years!

Another thing that I am thinking about is this fantastic little cottage for sale up in my favourite part of town. It is worth about $100,000 more than the current place I own. I wonder if it would be worth looking into... perhaps for now I'll just continue plugging away in the current spot 'til I know what's happening a little more down the road. I wouldn't need to worry about neighbours with adjacent walls creating horrific noises during renovations. I would like that a GREAT deal. Plus I'd have a little yard!!! Anyone want to donate/lend free of interest $100,000? No? Ok. No worries.

Well anyhow, if I am considering leaving for three months to Barcelona next year, or travelling for a while, or even selling my place (or renting it out), I perhaps should focus a little on cleaning it more regularly, and fixing things up rather than wearing them down. Just a thought.

PS The above photo is of the veggies that were turned into a salad by moi last night.

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