Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Jog Or Not To Jog... That Is The Question

I have the sniffles. Should I jog? It's a sunny day. Heaven knows that soon enough I'll be looking out onto overlapping blizzards.

I'll jog. I hear that gentle exercise improves the immune system...

Yesterday I spent the day (well, about 8:30 to 2:30) out in St. Lambert, for a professional development day with ArtsSmarts. I'll be guiding an entire elementary school through making a big wall-hanging of some sort. As with ArtsSmarts projects, a lot of the goal is collaboration and process and spontaneity and hand-on problem-solving. So although I have some lesson-plans worked out, the whole project is really by, for, and about the students themselves. I am really, really excited about this!!! I'll teach 106 students how to make felt.

Speaking of felt, tomorrow I will have 20 scarves at a table in Ottawa, for a cool craft fair my friend is in. She offered to take some scarves in an amazing fit of generosity! In the meantime, I am churning out the things in an attempt to re-build my stock. Considering I now am fully self-employed (or freelance, depending on what term you like) it is important to just keep on chugging. And on that note, time to hit the road... jogging!

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