Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teaching and Elephants

Those of you who follow my little updates from time to time know what I mean when I say "Elephants".

I refer, of course, to my upstairs neighbour, who is in the staggeringly lengthy process of renovating his condominium. I pluralise "Elephants" because his workers like to CLUMP HEAVILY around on the stairs (which, in my funky pad, form part of the ceiling/wall) and now bare floor (which is, of course, my ceiling). There are at least three, possibly four Elephants.

That is bad enough. Honestly, the drilling and jack-hammering of marble tile, I don't mind. I just wish they could manage to tread a little, itty-bit lighter. Consideration! Love thy neighbour...

If you've made it through my little rant, then here is a happy reward. I have good news! Happy news. I taught a day-long workshop: "Painting From Poetry", to a group of thirteen-year-olds. It went well! I am going to sign up officially in the Quebec Registry of artists who teach.

Also, it looks like I will most likely be working with an entire school to make a large wall-hanging. This will be from November to March, and will employ me for one day a week. I like to have a job description that is "Artist". Bingo! Perfect! Happy!

As for The Elephants... the renovations must end at some point. Honestly, I am considering moving out of here next year, if nothing collapses or explodes first.

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