Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Drivers Who Must Be Allergic To Their Brake-Pedals

I went for a walk today, to try and buy some wool. The wool-shop was closed, but it was a gorgeous day for a walk. I ended up buying some delicious food from the store, of which I have eaten a healthy amount.

In the process of reaching the closed wool-shop, I was almost schmunched by a car.

It was a silver car, quite nice, and the driver was turning a corner in full view of moi. I was crossing the street on a green light in the cross-walk. The car swerved a little, like to try and "sneak by" me, but then realised it wouldn't work so they ACTUALLY tapped their brakes. I still had to run a little in order to not be clipped.

This event gave me the excuse to, once again, in my country-girl, trucker-swearing, backwaters-chick manner, to shoot the driver "the bird". It felt good, for a minute, then I was angry. I walked off the steam, up to the closed wool-shop and back home (via the market for previously-mentioned delicious-foodstuffs).

Now, I came to a job-search conclusion. Is it possible to be an undercover vigilante who hands out citizen's arrests AND is it possible to get paid for this? That would be an easy job.

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