Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drafting Table and Planning

In the rejuvenation of my interest in cartooning "professionally" and the idea of illustrating things for people for the concept of payment...

I am seeking a drafting-table. I have a line on a very expensive one that will probably be the ultimate choice... but am going to scope out used ones too.

I have a place in my studio/home/big room that I live in for it. Right by the biiiig front windows. I can imagine spending hours there, with drawings, cartoons, small drawings and little paintings for clients. I think it will work.I have space, too, for my big sloppy, messy canvasses and other art-works. The place that I currently use for this computer, and drawing, and eating, and sewing, and other creative stuff... will be designated for the purpose of sewing and crafty-stuff and maybe eating too. I guess I'll get a little seat and a table for the eating, though, so it doesn't pollute the other things I do. I am so happy to think of supporting my life and contributing creative things to the world... full-time.

I know people might be looking to see how it goes, might be apprehensive about this jump I'm doing. I am being optimistic, and, as a co-worker at my day-job (that I am quitting) put it, "You are a very hard worker, I know you'll do fine".

I will do fine.

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