Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly Old Job With Cheese

My old workplace didn't deposit the last bit of my pay into my account on Friday, when I expected it.

We're talking not a huge amount, but enough to really help with this initial push into the lake of self-employment (hey why not take up "serious" writing... haha... I love those cheesey metaphors. Mmm cheese.)

Anyhow, I am going to call them today. If they claim they owe me nothing or find some stupid loop-holey excuse (holey cheese... Swiss...) to NOT pay up, I will perhaps unleash a little blue language (Blue... Cheese... ooohhh...) until they cheddar with horror at what might further occur. I meant, shudder.

Or, I'll just make sure that I will quietly do about $560 (about what they owe me) worth of damage to their reputation, and encourage all my friends and associates to not shop there, ever.

No, won't blog specifically about it because I really don't want to get sued, no no no. I'd be the suing one.

Brie it on! Brie. It. On.

Oh, P.S.: I will post in the comments the results of this silliness, and a list of the cheeses I enjoy at lunch-time.

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Natasha Henderson said...

OK. And now, I eat humble pie. Well, not really. Turns out there WAS a cheque in the mail... so... :)

Also, I am not eating cheese (or pie for that matter) because my fridge morphed into a freezer, so I pulled the plug. I am eating all the frozen stuff from within it over the next couple of days (or so), and will force myself to call some sort of repair-dude tomorrow.