Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Painting, Sewing, Walking.

Over the past few days, I have rediscovered the joys of meandering (albeit quickly) throughout some of the fantastic neighbourhoods of Montreal.

I don't have a "job", I can work when I want to (though I should work MORE) and I find great joy in just going... going... seeing and observing what is around me. That's work, right? I am a visual artist. Also it is kind of my job to keep my body as healthy as I can. That's why I am jogging more often, now that I let my gym membership expire for the summer.

Yesterday and the day before, I broke out a huge pile of fabric that I had salvaged from the "trash" at my former work-place. These are new fabric swatches, and my my my don't they make for cool patchwork! I am sewing them together and will make skirts and perhaps things like bags out of them. If it works WELL then I'll try selling some of these creations. I'll keep you informed.

I have some Raw Umber paint on my palette right now, I painted some of it on about 12 little paintings earlier. Now I'm thinking to hit some of the larger works… the Poetry-Paintings. I am working on Ghazals and Shakespearian Sonnets. I have broken down the rules for these poetic formats, and am re-translating them into a visual language. Perhaps this linguistic approach to painting is inspired by my surroundings... I live in a mainly French part of the city, and I am trying to learn that new language. Perhaps it is this learning process that has made me seek something "about language" in my new work. I don't know. I have been leaning more abstractly over the past few years anyhow, and these paintings are certainly that.

Well I’ll just keep on walking, running, stretching my body and my mind to make things, observe, and be happy.

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