Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update On Some Stuff!

You know, I just came to a realisation about 15 seconds ago as I was pondering "what to write" here. I don't have a cartoon to post, I am too lazy to find/insert photos or something... I have a dash of a hangover and really just want to noodle around on the keyboard and share something. Something like an "update" on what's going on in my life. No, not everything... THAT's what occurred to me about a minute ago, now. (Back on topic!)

When I had started a blog, a few years back (I managed to erase years of writing, serious attempts at Art-Reviews and even Music ones when I erased my Myspace account... oh well...) I knew that I couldn't write about my work-place. I didn't want to lose a job, get sued, any of that stuff. Now, as a self-employed person, I can do that! So... I must say that my boss is very lenient. She lets me take breaks, start, finish my work whenever I feel like it. If I want to research galleries at 2am and call that work, it's ok! The only issue I have with her is the amount of pay she provides. However, with this excellent working environment and tons of perks... I can't complain.

In addition to my self-employment, I am looking for work. Perhaps work that has fewer perks than my self-employment provides... but higher pay! A little above minimum-wage would be fine. Or a lot more. Whatever. Honestly, I would work up to full-time, but am hoping for part-time. I'll keep you posted on what happens in this realm... I have applied for a couple of jobs, have talked to folks at a couple of places.

I am looking for work in the fields of art/design, embroidery, fashion, illustration, photography, costume design, vegetarian food-prep, light house-keeping, daycare, teaching, art instruction, and general office-help. I should find something... I am sure there is much more that I am qualified/able to do, just don't know that these industries/jobs exist. It's a huge world out there!

I taught a couple of sweet children how to make felt, then drew, painted, and sewed with them for a few days last week. The day-camp idea is fun to do. Yes, it can be draining... however it is rewarding to work with children! I like it.

I currently have an exhibition up; I've sold a couple of paintings through it. I am hoping to have a "closing" or "finissage" party, in September for this show. Worst case scenario, we have a party. Best case, one or two more paintings sell!

I am looking for a studio-mate, in order to cut down costs a bit. I have talked to some people, and so far no luck. I do have another coming on Monday, who is a serious artist, and I am hopeful.

I just realised that this is not well-written, or planned, or edited or... well... sorry. Hangover and I really really need to go through my storage-closets, clean and find some things I am missing. This blog-post is a little like that, digging in and finding what's there. Examining it. The trick is to sort this all out, and put it into place.