Friday, April 3, 2009

Felt Scarves...

The other weekend, a pal taught me (and another pal) how to make felt fabric out of loose wool.

I know there's a term for it, like "roving" or something. Anyhow, loose wool has been washed, dyed, combed, and not spun into yarn yet.

I really enjoyed making this fabric. I have made three more "things" after that initial eve. The first of these is a thick greeny/orangey/blackish short piece of fabric. I had intended for it to be a scarf, but it shrank like crazy. I can use it as a "neck-warmer" or use it as simply fabric to make a little purse or something.

The second piece was a success... a long (perhaps a little too long) white/green/teal gauze-like scarf, with foam numbers encased in it. I think it looks pretty cool.

The third piece was also a success, I do believe. It is a somewhat thicker yet shorter (and still long!) scarf with beads embedded in it. The colours are black, raspberry, and pink. I like it. It's mine.

These are mine, indeed, but my hopes are to find time in my already busy days to make one scarf every day or so. Hopefully I'll increase my speed at it... so far they have taken about three to four hours each, and the process alternates from pain-staking, careful laying of individual fibres... to all-out physical exertion. I would like to sell these objects. That is why I need to:

a)make them different from other stuff out there on the market


b)make more of them more often.

I, of course, am still an artist and cartoonist and illustrator and embroidery-digitizer... but this is a fun and visually rewarding new branch to my work. Photos soon...

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