Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Should Be Digitizing Right Now

I am almost disturbingly excited about having purchased a drafting table today.

This is, like, a big thing for me. I have been cleaning clutter, furniture, and boxes of "things" out of my life, and trying to thoughtfully replace these things with either nothing, or something that will be helpful with my dreams.

My dreams? Here's a brief list:
-painting a lot of the time
-drawing cartoons a lot of the time
-illustrating things for other people who will ADORE the work I do for them
-writing art-reviews for publication
-making crafty-things, little decorative and creative objects that I can sell online (Etsy! Yay!)
-getting stuff exhibited and published and etc on a regular basis

a) -doing all of the above and making enough money through all of it to support a modest existence for myself.
b) -doing all of the above but making enough to also support a child and spouse. I don't have either of those but would like to.
c) -doing all of the above and making enough to support a child and spouse and a huge mansion or castle and also buy an island and have a really cool artist-commune on it.
d) -doing all of the above and making enough to support myself while my spouse and child earn a similar amount due to some yet undefined reasons, and we live like kings, and support all sorts of artist-communes, save the world, provide for millions of people, and oh yes we'd live for at least 200 years.

The drafting-table is an excellent step towards these dreams.

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