Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hockey Game and Art

Well. I live in Montreal. For the last few hours, there has been a lot of excited honking, yelling, happy noises... the Montreal Canadiens just won an "important" hockey game.

I figured out the win, after having spent several hours in my studio prepping for a big open-studio event this weekend. I heard lots of yelling, honking, etc whilst in there... and then a couple of hours after it had all started it was time for me to walk home.

I walked home, almost hit by about five different drunk bicyclists (I guess it's better they were riding rather than driving... but walking would have been even better) and thought to myself, "Yay, Team. Slayer!!! Wooooo". Not really, I just think it's cute people can get together and be happy over something. I am secretly (ok not so secretly) hoping that the current state of semi-eupohoria seeps into the local Art Market... it' be nice to sell some paintings this weekend!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bus Moment Last Night

Last night I took the bus. It was from a place in Westmount towards my humble abode. I wish it was an humble adobe, but alas it is but a condo.

Two interesting things happened while I was on this bus-ride of about fifteen minutes... The first, is that there was a woman talking loudly to herself. No, that isn't unusual or odd to notice, on the bus. What was interesting, though, was that West of St Laurent she spoke to herself in English. Then, when we had crossed that street, she began to talk to herself in French. Lucky woman, she`s bilingual! St Laurent Street is the border between East and West in Montreal. Very roughly speaking, the West tends to be English-speaking, and the East is more French. I just took note of her ability to alter her speech as we traversed the little un-official border-line...

Shortly after having crossed that street, a young man stood up to get off the bus. He paused in front of the man sitting in front of me; and offered him a bag of crackers, and a piece of something-wrapped-in-tinfoil. Looked like cake. The older man gratefully accepted, and not a word was said between the two.

The crackers looked quite delicious. It was one of those odd, heart-warming Montreal Moments.