Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new stuff

There is so very much going on in my life, it is tough to update a "personal style" blog. Sorry! However, here is a brief run-down:

-I am opening a gallery/studio/workshop space with a friend who will also maintain her herbalist practice in the space. We're writing another blog right now, updated almost daily. We provide tips on creativity, arts, herbalism, gardening... cooking... DIY stuff... all types of wonderful things. Also there is a page for a featured online artist. I highly recommend checking it out. Fleurbain.

-I am looking at doing my Master's in Art Therapy. However, I need some phych credits first... so will be doing them part-time over the next while. Worst-case scenario, I learn some psych stuff that will help me with teaching workshops.

-I am painting like a maniac. It's good.

-I am involved in a few things around town... arty things. Details later.

-My cat is almost fat! Hurrah!!! (He'd been somewhat underweight when he moved in with me a little over a year ago.)

-We are being teased by the hope of Spring in Montreal. Soon. Soon.

-I am enjoying some dance classes at the local YMCA. Fun and fitness! Yahoo!!!

-I'd tried to get some part-time work in the embroidery industry, but no call in a month. Guess it's not meant to be! :)

-I am a petsitter now. Just call me Crazy... Crazy Cat Lady Petsitting Service, that is! Find my page on Facebook.

OK, I thing that's about it, besides making felted soaps, cat-toys, and other things besides painting and scarves. I am trying to write some articles, too... oh and am applying for exhibitions. Much much much. Good life!