Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoa Dude

Whoa can be written "whoa" as I just typed in, or "woah". I think my first instinct is correct. I am not going to spell-check it. Ok, ok fine I am... right. My first instinct was right. Whoa! Isn't me. Whoa, I haven't written a blog entry for... a long long time. I have been very busy indeed... all the more reason to write things out, I suppose.

I am planning on going to two Gallery Openings (Vernisages) this week, and also think I'll pop into the Montreal Biennale. I had gone there two years ago (strangely enough) and made a huge report in my blog about it... Check out June 23, 2007. That's the main big ol' report. There are some cutely-written blogs around that time, too... I wasn't working and had only been in Montreal for ten days and thus was floating on a happy, natural high.

I have been continuing making the felt-wool scarves, often with beads. I like them. I am going to try peddling them around town, as well as online. I sell them on my Etsy page, in case you are curious.

I have several new canvasses stretched, and I must polish off the "Ghazal" ones I've been working on for some time. I love them... there is nothing quite so fun as writing poetry with a paint-brush.

OK. That is it for now... I promise (or at least hope to) write more soon. I apologise to any of the folks who used to read this on a regular basis. I like it, I should make the time. Ok. Ta ta now.