Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Helpful Folks

Over the last (desole... les derniers) deux jours, j'ai parle avec vers trois gens qui sont aident-moi. OK, I know that is possibly about as bad as garbled, "I don't know what I'm doing" French gets... howEVER it is pretty much how I would speak it.

Over the last two days, I have been so fortunate to speak with about three people who have helped me, helped me in a "service" way, but really helped me in an "I'll speak French to you slowly instead of just switching to English" way. It was fantastique.

The first was a health-care professional, who took my payment for something, asked me to sit 'til I was called, and even sort of joked with me, all en Francais. The other was a young woman who cut some canvas for me today at the Art-Supply Store. She dipped into English now and again, but always went back to French. Had a laugh or two with me. Then, the cashier at that store spoke with me in French, and had a smile and applauded when I made complete sentences. So, it was fun. I was able to both communicate and joke around.

That's the thing, to re-find one's identity, to re-craft how one communicates with people in the public sphere... it is a challenge, and can be frustrating. It's also tough (for me) when I can't pop out a joke that loosens tensions and whatnot. However... it will come. The helpful people out there, they truly make a difference.

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