Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday, at my job, I gave my two-week notice.

As an artist who paints, cartoons, creates "things" and also has a freelance-digitizing service already, it is a big step. It is a huge commitment to the works that I create. My time will soon be more fully spent on doing things that I love.

I plan to focus this upcoming "free-time" to delving more into the marketing, creation, promotion, and etc etc of these things... and I will be (finally!) teaching myself the tricks and whatnot of the design/computer animation programmes that I own but still haven't used yet. I am calling myself an illustrator now.

Oh, and I'll enrol in some more French classes. And look into "voice-work" and theatrical things too.

I am reeling a little... it was difficult to tell the Boss my news yesterday. Many of you who have done this before must know what I mean. I was so scared, but I HAD to do it. It is never good to tell someone bad news. Not the "worst" news you can get... no... but still difficult to do.

You plan how it might go, you plan what to say, and it all flies out the window when you get there. But all in all I think it went fairly well. They might keep me on for a little part-time work, which will help with those bills.

Oh, the bills. I have been cutting back wherever I can... though today I went and bought a little bottle of celebratory scotch. So... that is my official excuse if this doesn't make sense or there are spelling mistakes.

That last bit was tongue-in-cheek.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Works In Progress...

This has been one of those days when I realise... "Oh! I have lots of paintings all over the place, and nothing's finished yet... I wonder if people think that I've stopped or something."

First up, I'll never ever stop. Secondly, why not post some little details and etc of various works in progress? Here they are:

Detail of "This Is Night". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in Progress...

Detail of "This Is Night". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in progress!!

Detail of "Walking In A New City". Oil and mixed media on canvas. Work in Progress... of course.

Yet another detail of "Walking In A New City". Etc.

So there you have it. Some of it, anyhow. Hopefully soon I'll have these all done and will be able to show them to you and anyone else who'd like to see them. Thanks for looking...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back In The Day (Techno-Whining Alert)

I just sent my second-ever "Help, I need some help, please" email to my Internet Provider.

I have purchased, and failed to properly install, some sort of wire-less router thingie for my laptop. All I want to do is use my laptop on my... um... I guess it's technically my dining-room table. Really it's my workspace, desk, and sewing-table that I and other people sometimes eat a meal on. Anyhow this is the second wireless-router-thingie I've purchased. Thank heavens this time I saved my receipt.

So, I emailed my IP, and I hope they'll get back to me in the next day or two with some answer for my poor little compu-paranoid soul. I use the term "compu-paranoid" with authority because I wrote a paper about it in college, about 12 years ago. Yes, I invented the term. And yes, I'm sure others have invented it too.

Oh, back when Commodore 64's were THE big thing, I was such a wiz-kid. I RULED the computer-lab in my grade six year. I helped everyone with all types of things. I programmed in BASIC. It was such fun. Whatever happened? I think part of my problem is that I dropped out of the burning, roaring and raving computer-scene in my early 'teens. I didn't have my own computer til one of my brothers gave me his old clunker a few years back. I didn't know how to turn on or off a contemporary personal-computer til my first job post-college.

Hmm. I had rebelled during high-school; I didn't want to take "Computer Science" because at that time all it really did was take the place of "Typing". I was avoiding sexual stereotypes in my schooling. I didn't take any Home-Economics courses, and even dabbled with the idea of taking Woodshop (though my fear of assorted grave injuries stopped me from taking that plunge).

Things are so much easier when all you do is make things like paintings and cartoons and knit or sewn things that are crafty and fun and creative. I just almost wish I had not rebelled against the status quo and taken the typing/computer courses. Almost.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Place For An Existing Blog

Hello. This is a new blog, but it is an old blog, too.

I have an existing blog, at my "Myspace" page. You can check out older things here:

But... I will be posting new stuff here as well! So... I'm a triple threat! (I post the same blog in a third place... why not have some fun and waste some time and try to figure out where it is???)

OK, no one has time to waste. And on that note, 'til next time.