Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Observations Made During A Walk, Also Galleries That Were Closed.

Due to horrific renovation-noise this morning, after I finished making a felt-wool scarf (this time with Jingle Bells!) I adjusted my list of things to do today, and went for a walk to check out some galleries.

The galleries I had specifically on my list were Galerie Push and Centrale Powerhouse. Both of them were closed. Up the street, I popped in to see the Simon Blais Gallery... closed. So I went for a bit of a meander to see the galleries at Centre Clark... closed! On my way home I went by a gallery that I'm curious about, seems to have work rotating through it, but is never open... closed. That one was no surprise.

Looked like everyone was in the process of changing exhibits. I suppose that means I should keep my eyes open to lists of vernisages this week and weekend!

I did have a fantastic walk, and it worked out my renovation-inspired frustrations (I no longer feel homicidal!). I observed a lot of gorgeous architecture, decoration, foliage, and other things that are pretty in this town right now. One thing in particular that I didn't really take note of before, is that the squirrels in Parc Lafontaine are really, really fat at the moment. Storing it up for the impending winter. SO CUTE! Little chunkers bouncing around the park.

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