Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life, Cleaning, and Travels

Howdy there.

I have been a busy person of late (well, of always)... I recently returned from a visit to some friends who have recently moved into a new city. I witnessed their incredible ability to unpack, find space for "stuff" and make the new place a home in a quick and efficient manner.

Seeing them at work, seeing them move things around and constantly cleaning as they did this, has inspired me. Yesterday I cleaned off my studio-floor (my studio-floor is basically my whole home's floor...) and swept. I adjusted the location of my easel and moved things around to be more compact. So far the results are very gratifying. I know that I need to get some "storage units" of some sort (I have one I like bookmarked on the Ikea website) and also really find an "away" for things. It's difficult to put things "away" when there isn't one.

I will soon scrub down my entire bathroom. I've only dealt with the details to this point (eg cleaning the toilet). I've decided to really do it, to clean every surface. I had held off before because I was worried that the grout or whatever all that in-between stuff is called would peel off or get wrecked. But if it does so, then I'll fix it. So simple!

I also have a haphazard collection of assorted crap stored in my two little storage areas. I'll purge all the garbage and actually store things in there with intention.

I think that's the big thing I've learned (yes I feel like Stan from South Park) I have learned to do things with intention, to make life easier. Get rid of objects and things that have no use and little meaning in my life, and move the remnants that matter into their rightful places.

This is all related, I am sure, to my upcoming travels in Europe next year. I really really want to do that.

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