Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Observations Made During Walk Wednesday pm.

I just got in from a walk. During this walk I made a few observations (when I say observations, this time, I mean mostly just random visual ones, not big, esoteric, important or meaningful ones.)

Two blocks over and one block up from my place I saw a tow-truck backing up to collect a car from a driveway. There were about five or six scruffy-looking teens hanging around, and while walking past them I almost stepped on a squashed squirrel. No-one blinked. There were two dogs keening to get out of their enclosure in a porch, and one of them eyed me like he thought I'd be tasty.

At the same time, I saw huge plumes of black, black smoke coming from someplace within a few blocks. For once, I decided to allow my curiosity to guide me, and went towards it. In the space of a few minutes, however, the smoke had cleared up. Towards the end of this smokey show I was sprinkled by some black ash. Fortunately it wasn't livid.

I meandered into Parc Lafontaine, where I saw happier, not-so-squashed squirrels being fed by generous (if illegally behaving) humans. The pigeons and seagulls seemed well-fed and happy, too. It's funny that the park isn't completely overrun by animals, however I guess they have their little areas staked out, who gets to live where, let's fight over it, no I don't want to, ok I'll live in that tree next to the dog-house where uncle Nibbles got squashed last year... etc.

Final observation: the trees right now are really pretty.

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