Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OOOOOOh Exciting. Sort of.

I'm sitting in my little loft-home, waiting for my pal Gaby to show up. We are going to try peddling our wares to some local crafty-type places, and swanky posh shops and etc today. She makes GORGEOUS jewelry, and I make my lovely scarves. So. That's about it, I expect the bell to ring any second now...

Later I'll report on how it all goes.

Soon I'll go around, on my own, to the art galleries with some photos of my work, maybe even drag a small painting around. Yep, I'll report on that when it's all done as well.

Here's to Happy Sales!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Helpful Folks

Over the last (desole... les derniers) deux jours, j'ai parle avec vers trois gens qui sont aident-moi. OK, I know that is possibly about as bad as garbled, "I don't know what I'm doing" French gets... howEVER it is pretty much how I would speak it.

Over the last two days, I have been so fortunate to speak with about three people who have helped me, helped me in a "service" way, but really helped me in an "I'll speak French to you slowly instead of just switching to English" way. It was fantastique.

The first was a health-care professional, who took my payment for something, asked me to sit 'til I was called, and even sort of joked with me, all en Francais. The other was a young woman who cut some canvas for me today at the Art-Supply Store. She dipped into English now and again, but always went back to French. Had a laugh or two with me. Then, the cashier at that store spoke with me in French, and had a smile and applauded when I made complete sentences. So, it was fun. I was able to both communicate and joke around.

That's the thing, to re-find one's identity, to re-craft how one communicates with people in the public sphere... it is a challenge, and can be frustrating. It's also tough (for me) when I can't pop out a joke that loosens tensions and whatnot. However... it will come. The helpful people out there, they truly make a difference.