Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Observations Made During A Walk, Also Galleries That Were Closed.

Due to horrific renovation-noise this morning, after I finished making a felt-wool scarf (this time with Jingle Bells!) I adjusted my list of things to do today, and went for a walk to check out some galleries.

The galleries I had specifically on my list were Galerie Push and Centrale Powerhouse. Both of them were closed. Up the street, I popped in to see the Simon Blais Gallery... closed. So I went for a bit of a meander to see the galleries at Centre Clark... closed! On my way home I went by a gallery that I'm curious about, seems to have work rotating through it, but is never open... closed. That one was no surprise.

Looked like everyone was in the process of changing exhibits. I suppose that means I should keep my eyes open to lists of vernisages this week and weekend!

I did have a fantastic walk, and it worked out my renovation-inspired frustrations (I no longer feel homicidal!). I observed a lot of gorgeous architecture, decoration, foliage, and other things that are pretty in this town right now. One thing in particular that I didn't really take note of before, is that the squirrels in Parc Lafontaine are really, really fat at the moment. Storing it up for the impending winter. SO CUTE! Little chunkers bouncing around the park.

Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY Blogger, like me!

SOmething I just saw... On this blog-site, there is a give-away for a lovely necklace...


Also, there is, what looks like to be, a really yummy burger recipe! I am now following this blog, and look forward to more recipes and images of jewelry!!!

OK, back to my coffee and getting into some painting. Happy weekend to all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Observations Made During Walk Wednesday pm.

I just got in from a walk. During this walk I made a few observations (when I say observations, this time, I mean mostly just random visual ones, not big, esoteric, important or meaningful ones.)

Two blocks over and one block up from my place I saw a tow-truck backing up to collect a car from a driveway. There were about five or six scruffy-looking teens hanging around, and while walking past them I almost stepped on a squashed squirrel. No-one blinked. There were two dogs keening to get out of their enclosure in a porch, and one of them eyed me like he thought I'd be tasty.

At the same time, I saw huge plumes of black, black smoke coming from someplace within a few blocks. For once, I decided to allow my curiosity to guide me, and went towards it. In the space of a few minutes, however, the smoke had cleared up. Towards the end of this smokey show I was sprinkled by some black ash. Fortunately it wasn't livid.

I meandered into Parc Lafontaine, where I saw happier, not-so-squashed squirrels being fed by generous (if illegally behaving) humans. The pigeons and seagulls seemed well-fed and happy, too. It's funny that the park isn't completely overrun by animals, however I guess they have their little areas staked out, who gets to live where, let's fight over it, no I don't want to, ok I'll live in that tree next to the dog-house where uncle Nibbles got squashed last year... etc.

Final observation: the trees right now are really pretty.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winter Daze felt wool scarf with sequins by HendersonArt on Etsy

Winter Daze felt wool scarf with sequins by HendersonArt on Etsy

This is my latest felt wool scarf. This time I included blue and silver sequins, that pop out a little here and tere. Not flashy, but a dash of the unexpected! I will make a green scarf today.

I am also going to finish off a pile of smaller paintings very, very soon! Yippee!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teaching and Elephants

Those of you who follow my little updates from time to time know what I mean when I say "Elephants".

I refer, of course, to my upstairs neighbour, who is in the staggeringly lengthy process of renovating his condominium. I pluralise "Elephants" because his workers like to CLUMP HEAVILY around on the stairs (which, in my funky pad, form part of the ceiling/wall) and now bare floor (which is, of course, my ceiling). There are at least three, possibly four Elephants.

That is bad enough. Honestly, the drilling and jack-hammering of marble tile, I don't mind. I just wish they could manage to tread a little, itty-bit lighter. Consideration! Love thy neighbour...

If you've made it through my little rant, then here is a happy reward. I have good news! Happy news. I taught a day-long workshop: "Painting From Poetry", to a group of thirteen-year-olds. It went well! I am going to sign up officially in the Quebec Registry of artists who teach.

Also, it looks like I will most likely be working with an entire school to make a large wall-hanging. This will be from November to March, and will employ me for one day a week. I like to have a job description that is "Artist". Bingo! Perfect! Happy!

As for The Elephants... the renovations must end at some point. Honestly, I am considering moving out of here next year, if nothing collapses or explodes first.