Friday, April 22, 2011

art cards

It's true! I've finally made art cards that I am happy enough with to sell. I have about eight designs available on my "Etsy" page ( and I made only a limited number of them. If I do sell them all in the next short while, I'll make more. Also I will more than likely make some of other paintings, too...

Another update from the studio: I am making several puppets in felts at the moment. Most of them appear to be forming into cats. I love cats! The felt is hand-made. If you look at the above-mentioned Etsy page, you can see them (when they're done!) Unless, of course, they sell before I can post or document them. That does happen sometimes!

Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new stuff

There is so very much going on in my life, it is tough to update a "personal style" blog. Sorry! However, here is a brief run-down:

-I am opening a gallery/studio/workshop space with a friend who will also maintain her herbalist practice in the space. We're writing another blog right now, updated almost daily. We provide tips on creativity, arts, herbalism, gardening... cooking... DIY stuff... all types of wonderful things. Also there is a page for a featured online artist. I highly recommend checking it out. Fleurbain.

-I am looking at doing my Master's in Art Therapy. However, I need some phych credits first... so will be doing them part-time over the next while. Worst-case scenario, I learn some psych stuff that will help me with teaching workshops.

-I am painting like a maniac. It's good.

-I am involved in a few things around town... arty things. Details later.

-My cat is almost fat! Hurrah!!! (He'd been somewhat underweight when he moved in with me a little over a year ago.)

-We are being teased by the hope of Spring in Montreal. Soon. Soon.

-I am enjoying some dance classes at the local YMCA. Fun and fitness! Yahoo!!!

-I'd tried to get some part-time work in the embroidery industry, but no call in a month. Guess it's not meant to be! :)

-I am a petsitter now. Just call me Crazy... Crazy Cat Lady Petsitting Service, that is! Find my page on Facebook.

OK, I thing that's about it, besides making felted soaps, cat-toys, and other things besides painting and scarves. I am trying to write some articles, too... oh and am applying for exhibitions. Much much much. Good life!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Herbal Creativity Spa Weekend

Herbal Creativity Spa Weekend: Valentine

The pinnacle of the dark, dreary days of winter is a purgatory that rests between Christmastime and Spring… February. Installed into February is a day that is supposed to be a celebration of “Love”. Many lament the commercialisation of Valentine‘s Day, and resent the high expectations and sadness that come with so many of our holidays.

Traditional Valentine’s expectations dictate that one should enjoy chocolates, give expensive gifts, and be in love. Well, let’s take some of the good from those traditions and embrace them! Even if you are single, you deserve some chocolate. Actually, you deserve more chocolate. Feeling a bit bloated after a winter’s eating? This is an opportunity to sharpen your skills in making HEALTHY treats. Herbal-infused organic chocolate truffles, anyone? Or perhaps a cup of Healthy Hot Chocolate? True love. Love is in a good cup of tea, a soothing bath that invigorates the spirit, or a beautiful hand-made gift box to hold treasures.

The brains behind the Fleurbain concept, Tammy Schmidt, Clinical Herbal Therapist and Natasha Henderson, visual artist and arts instructor, are offering an Herbal Creativity Spa Weekend workshop in February. There is an option to take one or both days during the Herbal Creativity Spa Weekend, on Friday the 11th from 7 to 10pm and Saturday the 12th from 1 to 4pm.

Friday night, we will enjoy a relaxing glass of wine (or herbal tea) with some dessert treats and fine cheese. Participants will learn how to make an herbal Love Potion. The Love Potion is a special euphoric herb that is distilled in a vodka base. Everyone will get to take home a sample of this to try themselves! Tub Teas are all the rage, and for good reason. What could be better than infusing your entire body in an organic, herbal bath that is designed to soothe the body, mind, and spirit? Participants will learn some of the properties of the herbs used in this special Valentine’s Tea Bath, and take home a sample. Finally, we will make a Boudoir Gift Box, a gift box made from scratch that will be decorated with fine fabrics, papers, lace, and beads. It will be suitable as a gift box for chocolates, jewellery, fine treasures… and can be re-used to hold your favourite special things.

Saturday afternoon starts off with a healthy, delicious beginning. Participants will learn how to make Healthy Hot Chocolate (yes, this version is truly healthy), and enjoy a cup. While sipping our treat, we will make organic chocolate truffles, which will be flavoured with high quality, organic herbs for unique flavours. These are perfect to tuck into the Boudoir Boxes made the previous evening. Then we will think about the physical and mental well-being that a good bath brings, and make a felted soap loofah for our next bath. These soaps combine sheep’s wool with a high-quality Ginseng or Evening Primrose soap to be an exfoliating and moisturising addition to your bath. Finally, we will create a batch of Love Tea to take home and enjoy.

All courses use the finest quality, pure and organic ingredients. Take one afternoon or evening for $75, or treat yourself (or a friend!) to both sessions for $135. Location of workshops will be in a Montreal artist’s studio, converted to a Valentine’s Factory for our workshops. Please email fleurbain(at) for information and registration.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Restaurant Review: El Chalateco

Over on the Fleurbain blog, there is a new review on an El Salvadoran restaurant! El Chalateco is a good restaurant that serves up a comfortable atmosphere and delicious, nutritious, fresh food. When you're in Montreal, pay a visit to South America for a pupusa. Miam!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Workshops in January and Spring Break...

Hi folks! Just a quick word, if you are in the Montreal area you might like to check out my website for just-announced workshops. I have workshops for adults, teens and kids. Here be the link. Hoorah!

Also please note that I offer workshops for groups of adults, kids, birthday parties... anyone who needs a productive and fun, or team-building activity please contact me. I will be studying in the field of Art Therapy soon, and am applying all that I learn to my basic fun workshops, too. Cheers and a happy new year to you all!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

As I mentioned a few days (or was it weeks? ack!) ago, I am involved in another blog. This new blog isn't just "personal stuff" like this blog that your eyes are currently dancing over. The new blog,, is a joint venture. Click this to see my latest entry, though, about my drive to change to a non-toxic art form...

On another, more personal note boy I'm hungry right now! Time for a slice of bread.

That being said, lately I've gotten a membership at the YMCA, have been using the veggies I get in my CSA box well and smartly, and have been enjoying brisk walks to the studio almost daily. Things are going well. I am in two exhibitions right now (well, soon opening) and will be in a craft fair just before Christmas. I'm pet-sitting, too! I love pet-sitting. My cat puts up with the new smells remarkably well.

I am going to try and get my Master's degree in Art Therapy. Yes, indeed. It looks like a long-haul situation, though. I wonder if I woudn't be smarter to "just" get my regular Master's in Fine Art... oh, decisions!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Blog...

I am involved with another blog. This one is a Group effort, and it focusses on Verdant Life In The City. Gardening, art, herbalism, cartoons, a beautiful life, food... and much much more will be a part of this... Fleurbain. I will keep this-here blog for more personal ramblings... will also continue to co-post my art reviews and cartoons here! However, I do reccommend checking out, too.