Friday, January 1, 2010

Some Good Old Fashioned Resolve

It's time for the annual list of hopes, plans, and things I'd like to accomplish/put into gear this year. I drew out a general timeline for the stuff I want to get done, and then boiled it down to some generic things. Then I made some sub-lists and stuff... it's a long and drawn-out, complicated process. A recipe for my next year, in a way.

But you'll get the short version and here it is:


-slice the potatoes
-put them in the oven with some olive oil
-make a packet of gravy
-buy some cheesecurds.

When the potatoes are all done in the oven, put the gravy and cheesecurds on top. Enjoy!


Haha, just kidding. Here's my short version of this year's resolves and stuff:

-have more art exhibitions
-do more vounteer work
-do more teaching of art
-apply for grad school

Yay! That is all do-able. I'll try to not have poutine so often, too.

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