Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am not really a blogger

I am not really a blogger... Just looked at "last published" and it was over four months ago. WELL!!! I HAVE been working one day a week, so am waaaaay too busy for writing! Ok, not really.

To make a long, rambling story a tiny bit more succinct, I am going to be renting a studio of my own, starting in May. I will be offering classes and workshops for kids, teens, and grownups in felt-making as well as painting. Some of the kids' summer programmes will be mixed-media creations... should be fun!!!

When I'm not teaching over these next few months, I am planning to work on paintings. The new line o' paintings will be based on the format of music... here, to absolutely bore you, is my proposal that I just sent out for a grant recently:

"In this project, I will produce a new group of paintings that are based on the structure of musical forms. In the recent past I have made works that are based on the structure of poetic forms, namely the Sonnet and the Ghazal. I intend to give some musical forms a similar treatment in paint.

Rhythm, line, form, pattern, texture, body, repetition… many art-terms are also musical ones. What could happen if some of the strict rules of format are taken from one realm (music) and applied to another (painting)?

I will research forms of music, then assign codes and indications for myself as to how to represent the specific rules of music formats in a visual sense. Some examples of musical genres I am thinking of… Classical, Hip-Hop, Maritime and Quebecois Folk/Traditional. I will narrow down and specify which particular musical formats I will use during the research stage.

When I paint these new pieces, I will apply a sense of landscape to them. This sense of landscape would be inspired by the musical genres, themselves… as well as being a situation that the viewer of the work could imagine themselves as inhabiting. I hope to give the viewers of this work a unique experience; a point of reflection and contemplation.

For six months of work, I anticipate to make about 12-15 major pieces… large-scale paintings. I will also make a number of smaller studies, sketches and small paintings. The large-scale works would be about 5’x5’."

OK. So if anyone's made it through that, you win a prize!!! A pat on the back.

If I do (and, if I don't) get that grant, the next series of works will be based on an old, old, old proposal (well, about four years old) that I had made to create "Impossible Views"... paintings that are based on mirrors, corners, and... stuff. Hard to explain. You've already had way too much reading. Later, later. You'll get a pat on the back for that one, too.

Things are going well, in general.



angelshair said...

Welcome back:), and of luck for your project, it looks exciting!

Natasha Henderson said...

Thank you! And.... double thank-you!!! I'll try to keep more up to date on this blog-thing, too. At least once a week. OK, new "resolution" for 2010... a little late but better than nothing.

T's said...

Yay- Happy to see that you are blogging!

Natasha Henderson said...

Well, thank you for readin' it! I think I'm going back to posting cartoons, too...